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Web Development Solutions for your Company

Lemonatics web developers are experts in programming and have experience specific for the industry, so they build websites fast, efficiently and in correspondence with your vision, regardless of whether your company requires to build a new website to engage with customers, a business-class web application or a web platform to manage the workflow of your employees.


Professional Solutions

We take a professional approach to custom software development projects. We are experts in this field for a reason. We invest time and resources to get to know your company and your industry, not only your project. We implement suitable tools, technologies and frameworks to address your projects.


Quality Comes First

At Lemonatics we value quality as much as you do. We strive to facilitate not only your current needs, but the future ones as well. “Quality comes first” attitude is important when you need to add new features, cross platforms, or make updates during the development. This is the difference between good and bad approach. Our engineering solutions ensure built on-spec features and functions, in addition to being scalable, reliable and durable.


Any Platform, Any Code

Among our main expertises is versatility. Regardless of your needs, our team of designers, software engineers and testers will make your plans reality. We have knowledge and proficiency to build your next software application. Our team can create anything from database design to web application development, systems integration to cloud consulting, mobile app development to software product development.


Transparent and Honest

High level of transparency to our customers is essential for us, we work in accordance with our main principles, we always communicate uprightly and timely. We are excited to work on new projects and challenges from our clients who represent both small businesses and large corporations. We aim to deliver high quality custom development solutions to our customers that are incomparable in the industry. Our team of experts will develop custom software that will meet your expectations.


Web Application Development Services

We employ a team of full-stack developers. Our back-end developers are proficient in PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and SQL in addition to frameworks Django and Laravel, while or front-end designers have a deep understanding of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.



Corporate Web Apps Solutions

Our software developers have a long history of expertise creating business automation web solutions for various categories. We implement custom APIs and our familiarity with web services allows us to create web-based automation services for implementations like inventory control, online marketing and CRM.



Web Portal Development

The website developers program public-facing web pages and business intranet control panels that have in them e-mail and internal messaging systems, browsers, workflow managers, forums, task managers, news tickers and multimedia hosting.

For private portals we incpororate Role-Based Access Controls and Single Sign-On protocols and similar ones.


E-commerce Online Applications

Lemonatics constructs for your business e-commerce web pages made for optimizing user experiences and driving up sales, as well as internal website applications for helping in enterprise automation. Thanks to partnering up with Shopify and Magento, we are able to create and incorporate electronic shop presentations for your website, shopping carts, payment procedures and catalogs.



Smartphone Application Development Solutions

We make flexible and reactive PWAs (hybrid applications) that mix reactive and proprietary feels of smartphone applications found on Apple and Android, with the

We design responsive and adaptive Progressive Web Apps (PWA), or hybrid apps, that combine the responsive, native feel of an iOS or Android mobile app with the interoperability  and measurability of a website application. Progressive web applications
come with characteristics such as simple social sharing, high-level indexability, and push notifications.



Full Stack Web Developing Solutions

The Lemonatics team develops aesthetic commercial web pages that are made to be user-friendly, with search engine optimization in mind, as well as smartphone-first usability, optimization of conversions, pro search functions, leading speed and an updated design aesthetic-wise.

The team in Lemonatics has a hefty background in operating content management systems and
website builders such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.



Graphic Website Design and Animation Services

If you have an attractive web page or app idea, you must get yourself some attractive design solutions.

The web page design pros at Lemonatics use 2D/3D design features like Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) and Web Graphics Library (WebGL), as well as Animate.css, Bounce.js, Magic Animations and other JavaScript and CSS frameworks.


Web Incorporation Solutions

Consolidating disparate business website apps assists your enterprise obtain a smoother workflow and clarify target-important procedures. Lemonatics offers customized application programming interface
development and incorporation solutions for SOA via SOAP and REST protocols to push for bi-directional XML and JSON communications.


Web Incorporation and Client Service Solutions

Lemonatics offers the top development services via various platforms, thanks to our orientation as a tailored website development firm. Our varying PC and smartphone development solutions use the capabilities of these systems to the max to offer computing power, better graphics, rich safety levels, and optimized performances.


The content management system WordPress is founded on MySQL and PHP which is normally utilized along with MariaDB and MySQL database servers.

The website builder may also utilize the SQLite database engine. The characteristics count in extension options and different templates.



HTML5 implements a markup-founded pattern to the website page content in order to pinpoint its assets and actions.

This software solution stack is the 5th and updated version of HTML which includes XHTML.



The JavaScript-founded front-end open-source webpage framework is kept running by Google and various businesses and individuals.

AngularJS has so many contributors in order to  deal with many obstacles faced when developing single-page apps.



The programming language Java is used for many purposes that are class-founded, oriented towards objects and made to be as less depended on implementations as possible.


JavaScript Object Notation

JSON is a frequently seen language-independent data format, with a vast scope of apps, like acting as a substitution for XML in AJAX systems.


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

This a multi-purpose programming language initially made for website developing by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Nowadays, the PHP Group is the one producing the PHP reference application.



This is also a general-purpose programming language, superior and interpreted. In 1991, it was released after being created by Guido van Rossum. The core value is in code readability with particular usability of whitespace.


Microsoft Silverlight

Alike to Adobe Flash, this deprecated app framework is used for writing and operating rich web-based apps.



The JavaScript library is made to streamline HTML DOM tree traversal and operations. Moreover, it is utilized for CSS animation, Ajax and event handling. It’s a zero-cost, open-source app utilizing the permissive MIT License.