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Top Professionals in Wearable Software Systems

Lemonatics offers customizable software development systems that allow applications to smoothly capture and handle device sensors (visual and haptic), reduce battery consumption, encourage bi-directional Machine-to-Machine data exchange, easily present captured data, and act after intuitive controls and environmental information.


Wearable Tech Software Services

Lemonatics programs embedded software for various Internet of Things microcontrollersthat are wearable, counting in those produced by ARM, Arduino, Adafruit and StitchKit. We have employees who are pros in languages widely utilized in wearable tech apps (Embedded C, C++, Java, Swift), who can combine with ease Bluetooth and NFC features and understand the wearable tech patterns used in a range of sectors (health, gaming, retail, etc.).


Smartwatch Application Development

Lemonatics has a background in developing apps for lots of popular smartwatch OS’, including such as (Apple), Wear OS (Android), AsteroidOS and Ubuntu Touch. We create applications for health and wellbeing, news and social media, audio/video messaging, emergency services, videogames, productivity management, etc. We also transform conventional smartphone applications to smartwatch-adjusted apps.


Fitness Wearables Options

Lemonatics designs wearable fitness apps for activity monitors (in the majority focusing on arm and wristbands) that control heartbeats, steps you took, blood pressure, sleep schedules and a variety of other factors. We create corresponding smartphone and olnine applications with personalized interfaces that may be utilized to add more fitness and wellness information (calories one took, exercises done, self-assessments of mental wellbeing).


Healthcare and Medical Wearables

In the field of healthcare wearables, we create firmware for wearable gadgets utilized within and outside the patient treatment spheres. We utilize wearable telehealth tech such as EKGs to update the Electronic Health Records (EHR) for patients in real time. We also program applications utilized for wearable surgical equipment, such as virtual reality headsets.


Lifestyle Wearable Applications

Our professional team develops lifestyle wearable applications for products like HUDs, LED smart clothing, Bluetooth headset gadgets, smart glasses and watches that are incorporated with ease to products aimed at e-learning, media and social media.


Security Wearable App

Our security app development services support safety gadgets that allow biometric fingerprinting, facial and voice recognition, and one-touch signals and emergency contact services applications.


Industrial Wearables Services

Lemonatics designs industrial information management services like worker and equipment monitoring systems via customized apps. Facial recognition tools and incorporated customer relationship management tech give permitted access authorization services. The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Data) in key fob scanner software gives industrial solutions for inventory and human capital management systems. Implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) as an information management system allows entry to remotely track, perform and migrate info while out of the country.