- Ticketing


We create total-service event ticketing programs that perform the sales of tickets, marketing services, on-site tasks for festivals, museums, conferences, landmark attractions, etc.

Intuitive Ticketing Services

With personalized event listings and a simple dashboard, we create ticketing apps that provide a broad range of choices for reserving seats, general entry, and timed entrance ticketing that simplify the procedure for online tickets selling.

Ticketing Platform Services

For enhanced customer service, Lemonatics offers customized ticketing interfaces, like multiple channel apps, web pages, integration services, event management, venue management, smartphone ticketing services, social media instruments, stats, branding management, and mobile ticketing apps for iOS and Android, as well as Windows Mobile and others.


Online Software Programming

Web pages, portals, and web layouts are designed by our staff with interactive seating/maps, event searching/geolocation, permitting multiple forms of payments such as credit cards, responsive design, real-time inventory, supervision control, and brand management. We are also developing platforms for online ticketing, ticket exchange/reselling, and box office ticket brokerage transactions.


Ticketing Software Design

We develop ticketing apps, categorized for entertainment, casinos, sports, community/mass happenings, fairs, and trade shows. We design the infrastructure for e-tickets, home ticket printing, and mailing automation offers.


Event Ticket Management App

Event and venue management modules like access control, ticket verification, scan/gadget apps, patron monitoring, and fraud detection/protection apps are enabled by our event ticket management software services, and they provide invitations and distributions of channel management and focused programming of ticket management and reservation procedures.

Dynamic Ticketing Analytics

In order to sell a greater amount of tickets and better comprehend event info, we create analytics instruments. We generate reports unique to your happening and define patterns for clients.

Ticketing Incorporation

Third party Application Programming Interfaces, counting in TicketNetwork, StubHub, Ticket Utils, and others, support customized incorporation services with ticket resellers/exchanges, social media Application Programming Interfaces/instruments, metric platforms, web pages, inventory systems, etc. Social media API integrations and social networking apps are among the things we program, apart from integrating pricing software with real-time inventory, automated upload apps, and sales management systems.


Sales Management Apps

For apps like CRM features, Point-of-Sale apps, processing/fulfillment of orders, support for multi-payment forms, support for split/smartphone/social payments, management of promos/bonuses, ticket transfers, and brand management, we have sales management apps.


Web Ticketing Software

Our software services for online ticketing count in of multiple channel ticketing app creation for different forms of transfers – online, on-site, e-commerce, reseller/third-party, call center, mobile application, etc.


Ticket Analysis Software

We develop software services for ticket analysis, like conversion monitoring, success tracking, real-time/custom analysis, etc.


Interactive Ticketing Services

We build interactive location, seat, and floor plan simulators and preferences for seat/standing choices, and self-registration portals for engineering participants and exhibitors with incorporation into kiosks.