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CTI App Services

The Newest CTI Tech and Integrations in Call Management Apps

Via Inbound & outbound speed dial, blended, and multichannel contact call center app development, we design and develop unified telecommunication procedures that let for smooth integration among informationd and audio messaging services. Digital call center, auto/predictive dialers, manual/progressive dialers, speed dialers, automated call distribution (ACD), call tracking capabilities, voice mail, call/IVR scripting, and integration of social media allow tailored-made solutions.

Telephony Message Development Applications

Lemonatics offers telephony apps solutions like Short Message Service Center (SMSC) and Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), as well as gateways and platforms. We also give support for different messaging protocols. Lemonatics programs characteristics for web/video conferencing such as interactivity, virtual breakout rooms,  electronic hand raising,  real-time streaming, screen/app sharing, and recording/playback using session initiation protocol (SIP) pop-up screen alerts…


Speech App and Speech Analytics Tools

Lemonatics integrates client service call recordings in call center tracking apps for real-time transcription and data reports. Our team combines speech analytics apps with text information from live chats and emails, for the purpose of BI analysis. Call-mining tech is used with artificial intelligence fueled speech-recognition for providing speech to text translations of client experiences. This brings up results and provides multiple benefits, quality assurance of customer relationship management and efficiency. Integration of Speech Apps and Speech Analytics Tools  aren’t restricted to automation with CAPI, IVR or ACD, but can also be applied via SIP, ISDM, VoIP or with live agents.


Telephony Data Integration

Lemonatics specializes in Microsoft Windows Telephony API , Video and Integrated Data (AVVID) Structure, Cisco’s Voice and Salesforce CTI integration. OnSIP and RingCentral and other 3rd-party leveraging of cloud PBX provider apps are on offer. Make the best of customer relationship management and information retrieval from a single source of entry. Data during the call journey is offered  by Call Center Monitoring Software and intelligent call routing.


Computer Telephony Integration App

Lemonatics designs computer tech integration app services via Avaya and Intuity tech for interactive voice response procedures, call management, contact centers, self-service apps, and pop-up apps also undertaken in telehealth and telemedicine. There are multiple messaging solutions, like MMS, Voicemail and, of course, SMS.


IMS App Services

The services we offer through IP Multimedia Subsystems are SIP, Instant Messaging, Integrated Digital Network Services (ISDN), VoIP development, telephony, IVR,  fax, and online/video conferencing app.


Interactive Voice Response System

Along with visual workflow GUI, TTS, ASR, we undertake IVR system development. The Automatic CAPI tech utilizes smart call routing for precise forwarding of destinations. It’s a possibility to tailor program development for multiple language support.


VoIP Server Application

The Lemonatics pros make server app characteristics and frameworks for VoIP, such as suitable contact/call center systems, apps,  and networks for online/video conferencing.



CTI apps are being developed, like voice recognition, call processing, fax management, caller authentication, voicemail-to-email, softphone, as well as engineering tailored integrations like Salesforce CTI integration for computerized telephone networks.


BYOD and MDM Services

Bring-Your-Own-Device, Mobile-Device-Management, and unified network management apps are engineered by us.