Smart Contracts Development Services

In an era of rapid development of new technologies, blockchain helps businesses fuel vital operations with smart contracts, which due to its self-executing nature become a powerful tool for business. With huge experience in the development of smart contracts, our team offers a range of smart contract development services perfectly suitable to your business.


Smart Contracts Services

Smart contracts are autonomy contracts with the terms of the agreement between parties being directly written into lines of code. The self-executing nature of smart contracts makes them a powerful tool for business entities: they enforce and execute an agreement automatically between parties without any intermediaries. In that way, it allows entities to replace traditional contracts by binding them in executable code.

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With huge experience in smart contracts development and a unique combination of technical and blockchain business expertise, our development team offers a range of smart contract development services perfectly suitable to your business requirements and needs.

Benefits from the usage of smart contracts

The development of Smart Contract as a service is essential for business and gives it multiple advantages. They make the execution of business contracts faster, reliable, automated, immutable and more. The main advantages of using smart contracts services are:


Smart Contracts are launched automatically and do not require human control. This allows you to eliminate the need for intermediaries and improve the efficiency of business processes without third-parties.


Once a contract is created, it cannot be changed by any party. This means that the performance of the contract is guaranteed to take place in the same manner in which it was coded.

Financial and time savings

Smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries in transactions. This reduces operational costs and saves the time necessary to complete the process.

Trust and transparency

As contacts are fully accessible to all parties of the deal, a remarkable level of trust between parties is enabled. Moreover, all parties to the deal may verify transactions and agreements at any time.

Security assurance

Blockchain-based smart contracts imply the highest level of safety. This is achieved by their execution through cryptographically secure code, which makes them nearly 100% invincible.


Automated operations based on smart contracts reduce the possibility of human intervention, and, accordingly, human errors.

Our Smart Contracts Development Services

As part of Blockchain Development Services, Lemontastic offers a powerful tool for startups and enterprises in the field of developing and maintaining their business operations through Smart Contract Services.

Smart Contract Development

With a unique combination of both technical and blockchain expertise, our developers can write your smart contract’s code fast and securely, easily adaptable to any industry and perfectly suitable to your business requirements with customized features. As a result, you will get balanced, error-free, thoroughly tested, and future-proof smart contracts.

Smart Contract Audit and Optimization

Security flaws, errors and inefficiencies can cost you a lot when you’re deploying smart contracts. Our experienced developers can help you check from the ground up smart contract code and optimize it to provide a smart contract, free from bugs and breaches.

Smart Contract Consulting

Our company has extensive experience in smart contract development, which allows us to give comprehensive professional advice on how to generate the most value out of the usage of smart contracts for your business in any industry.

Blockchain Smart Contracts Focused Industries

By bringing transparency, security, and speed workflows, the development of smart contracts as a service is used in many global industries. The most prominent use cases are:

Banking & Finance

Smart Contracts allow building an autonomous loan process and settlement solution that expedites the loan process and settlement of them while enabling secure payment.


Smart contacts help the insurance business automate its services what reduce operational cost and settlement time. They can perform error checking, make payments calculations and make subsequent payouts automatically.


Smart Contracts in the Media industry have the potential to increase profits for content creators and media companies, avoid attracting third party services and provide real-time consumption-based pricing.


Smart contracts allow transport and logistics businesses to track product flow, simplifying the tracking process and providing real-time visibility across the entire supply chain without sacrificing privacy along with data authenticity.


Smart Contracts provide secure storage and exchange of patients' medical data, reduce the involvement of intermediaries in the healthcare sphere, minimize bureaucracy, and improve supervising regulatory compliance.

Internet of Things

Smart Contracts in the Internet of Things sphere allow tracking data from IoT devices, protecting networks against data loss, and running processes remotely and autonomously with automated operation activating.

Real Estate

Smart contracts optimize the management process when implementing main property transactions, such as leasing, purchasing and sales. Also, smart contract technology reduces the amount of paperwork and financial costs.


Smart Contracts allow every member to measure the impact of social impact at every step of the process, guarantee secure data management to protect information, ensure the accuracy of public records, and maintain trust.

Stages of Smart Contract Development

1. Requirement analysis

2. Wireframing and designing

3. Development

4. Internal audit

5. Deployment

At the first stage, we analyze the project requirements, study the business processes, identify risks and limitations, and propose a suitable project roadmap. We also conduct a technical overview of your project and help to select the blockchain platform to support your smart contracts.

At this stage, we are engaged in structuring the blueprint, wireframing, and designing the smart contact that meets all business requirements.

This stage involves writing the smart contract code for the blockchain platform of choice (for example, Ethereum, EOS, etc.). This step also includes unit testing to determine if the contract performs as it was designed.

All the Smart contracts ready for production should be audited before deploying. At this stage, we check if the contract functions as intended, and meets all security standards.

At the final stage, we deploy smart contrast on the marketplace on which it will operate. As your business grows and new challenges arise, it will be possible to optimize it as your smart contrast design is easily adaptive.

Why Choose Lemonatics Software Development

More than 100+ highly qualified and dedicated to delivering quality development services to clients developers are available to perform tasks of any complexity.

Our blockchain experts provide 24/7 support after smart contract development to the end customer. It includes post-adoption support, resolving adoption issues, and testing stability for initial days.

Our smart contract development services start with identifying the needs of your business, conducting a high-quality analysis and identifying the right tools. We build solutions for your business, therefore, you’re welcome at meetings, you’ll get regular reports and your feedback is important for us.

With a team of highly qualified expert developers having practical experience in relevant techniques and a deep understanding of several industry-specific processes, Lemonatics delivers best-in-class smart contract solutions.

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