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SAP Consulting Services

We Lend our SAP Expertise to Your Enterprise

We are SAP Accredited Partners and are proud to help you develop and grow your firm via SAP software tech. We assess your business objectives and together we build a SAP Solutions strategy that makes sure that your platforms have all the resources, characteristics and options required to fuel development and the optimization of ROI.

SAP Incorporation Consulting

As a SAP Certified Partner, we make sure you get a seamless incorporation procedure of software that involves business plans, exploration and analysis. We work alongside you to make a SAP action plan that addresses all company priorities, the main issues and needs. Lemonatics also offers full system setup, conversion and quality assurance to make sure there is an efficient enterprise incorporation in place.


SAP Data Migration

Our SAP Accredited Developers smoothly handle all company info contained on all apps, frameworks, databases, websites, third-party applications, servers, operating systems and others to your SAP Software Network for full enterprise tracking. Part of our SAP Migration Services is to make sure that all critical info is kept safely and that the integrity is protected.


SAP Integration Consulting

Our SAP integration developers render collecting of enterprise data simpler, as well as the redundancies by building one access point on your SAP network. We incorporate both on-site and third party apps, web pages, ERP, CRM, apps, database, etc.


SAP Configuration

Lemonatics’ SAP implementation services deal with all your needs. We customize specific software configurations, programs, characteristics and experiences that have the greatest effect on your enterprise objectives and sectors to make sure that you have all the resources to fulfill daily activities, simplify procedures and improve firm performance and profit.


SAP Personalization

Lemonatics brings more worth to your SAP tech software platforms by customizing, improving and expanding the functionality of your software. Our Accredited SAP staff customizes interfaces, frameworks, settings, graphics, shapes, analytics, templates and others as your company expands and requires additional features.


SAP Development

As SAP Accredited Partners, we are assisted by sector professionals who make sure that your software has all the resources and characteristics that your company requires to thrive. We include customized SAP Incorporation and SAP Integration services for all platforms like HANA, Crystal Reporting, Business Intelligence, Lumira and ERP.

SAP Business Software

Lemonatics provides solutions for every SAP ERP software, counting in BusinessOne and ByDesign. Lemonatics’ got the experience in delivering services to companies via SAP from easy migrations to worldwide rollouts. The SAP Cloud-founded ERP is optimized for all enterprises of every size and addresses sector-customized requirements from production to retail, assisting to control the enterprise with robust characteristics that integrates seamlessly with your Customer Relationship Management and other apps. Cloud tech makes sure that SAP ERP integration services are scalable, can be adapted and are stable.


At Lemonatics, we have the background of installing and setting up SAP Enterprise Resource Planning to your personalized platforms, servers, protection and data management options across the whole enterprise. Our qualified System Applications and Products developers are qualified and comprehend the various SAP Enterprise Resource Planning networks, such as BusinessOne, Cloud and ByDesign, to assist you pick the ERP that is most suitable to your enterprise plan and targets.



Lemonatics’ SAP qualified developers assist in simplifying enterprise procedures by incorporating the SAP ERP applications with any customized or 3rd party framework, software, system, etc. We assist you in simplifying your enterprise procedures by incorporating any personalized or 3rd-party program, framework or app with your Systems Applications and Products ERP platform, assisting you handle a cohesive enterprise.


Customized Widgets

We build scalable, quick and powerful widgets for BusinessOne, ByDesign and the initial ERP cloud to offer your enterprise a competitive edge. We build customized extensions for your Systems Applications and Products ERP platform to improve any bonus functionality required to reach your enterprise targets. Lemonatics’ staff offers scalable, quick and reliable Systems Applications and Products solutions.


App Management

Our developers assist your company sustain, improve and handle SAP business spaces by handling your favorite SAP apps. Systems Applications and Products ERP apps provide unique characteristics, our developers assist your company to keep, improve and handle your business’ SAP network by designing, incorporating, integrating, evaluating, managing and supporting your Enterprise Resource Planning apps.


SAP ByDesign

SAP ByDesign is meant for medium sized enterprises that competes with no difficulty and at no expense of other Enterprise Resource Plans. It is customizable and growth-oriented, providing informative analytics for finance, customer relationship management, human resources, project management, sourcing, supply chain management and industry-centered features.


SAP BusinessOne

BusinessOne software is made to expand along with your small business. The main procedures are simplified, info are obtained and resolutions are founded on real time to fuel sustainable growth in Financial Management, Sales and Customer Management, Buying and Inventory Tracking, Enterprise Intelligence, Analytics and Review, and Sector-Focused Abilities.

SAP HANA Consulting

SAP HANA is an intelligent data network that lessens enterprise volatility by enabling companies to get quick entry to data while bringing up ROI. Lemonatics makes sure that the pro analytics processing platform works safely over hybrid and multiple cloud spaces. A relational database infrastructure and a transactional and analytical tool for processing. Data systems eliminate business uncertainty by lessening data redundancy, footprint, hardware and IT tasks. Systems Applications and Products HANA can operate wherever to produce real outcomes by bringing up the Return On Investments.



We set up Systems Applications and Products HANA on your own platform as an add-on to your Enterprise Resource Planning framework with all the features transferred. Our HANA implementations count in installations to your won framework for easy and efficient transition of all Enterprise Resource Planning features and seamless info migration to ensure information reliability and safety.



Systems Applications and Products HANA virtualization assists to score a smooth network of procedures that build a robust business system. Lemonatics makes sure the workloads in virtualization are split among hardware and software as part of Systems Applications and Products’ most successful practices. Our developers assist to bring up the performance of the SAP HANA system by enabling the program to operate more workloads and procedures on a single node or HANA system. Our team offers a resource abstraction layer that separates the hardware and software assets on offer.



We streamline Systems Applications and Products HANA migrations and updates of database systems to enhance your enterprise procedures while retaining data integrity and safety. Systems Applications and Products HANA migration requires experts to make sure that your company has a smooth transfer and that data trustworthiness is protected. Our professional developers are trained in Systems Applications and Products HANA database migrations to ensure that the most reliable practices are conducted.


App Development

By utilizing Systems Applications and Products HANA, Lemonatics lets enterprises create intelligent, real-time apps that mix stats with transfers that can be deployed on any platform. With SAP HANA you can simplify the app infrastructure, utilize software development languages, application development instruments, main data resources, functional libraries, organizing and designing and applying lifecycle management.


Personalization & Set Ups

Lemonatics personalizes Systems Applications and Products HANA to work in ways that best serve your company in terms of sector, quickness and scalability. Lemonatics staff can comprehend how SAP HANA operates and can change it according to your particular wishes. Systems Applications and Products HANA is customizable for efficient quickness and information precision to generate high-performance workflows. Our employees utilize SAP HANA to give you an edge and increase business performance and sales.


Data Safety

Collect data from all sources with data access, implementation and virtualization characteristics. Lemonatics lets you optimize data federation utilization, integration and replication, data quality and remote data synchronization with Systems Applications and Products HANA. SAP HANA safety characteristics count in safe entry to data, secure device configuration, software security and patching. Lemonatics enables the operation of Systems Applications and Products HANA in a secure manner in a variety of settings, enforcing the particular compliance, protection and regulatory specifications.



In addition to a strong database, our offer provides administration performances. Our staff is able to manage basic administration and problems to more complicated tasks such as customized creation and reviews. Develop the enterprise with the capabilities of SAP HANA, such as capture and replay, high availability and disaster recoveries, virtualization, monitoring and administration, and lifecycle management of platforms, and business data protection. Lemonatics developers have experience in the management of SAP HANA capabilities, counting in management procedures.


Cloud Integrations

We incorporate a cloud-based in-memory framework that allows developers to create and operate cloud-based apps. Our developers integrate the back end framework to ensure that all required data and functionality are incorporated. Systems Applications and Products HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) also known as Systems Applications and Products Cloud Interface blends procedure implementation and cloud integration. We professionally incorporate HANA into your own and 3rd-party apps, hardware and software into the HANA Cloud system, making sure that both operate alongside each other smoothly leading to a modern modular system with increased insight and reporting functions.


Support Solutions

At Lemonatics, we make sure that your Systems Applications and Products HANA framework is updated as new updates and maintenance revisions are made to correct bugs regularly. We offer updates without interruption and make sure that you enjoy the advantages of all Systems Applications and Products HANA features. Lemonatics consultants exploit Systems Applications and Products HANA’s relational database system, which reduces disk issues and provides top performance. We make sure that the ACID-compliant database works well by storing compressed info, providing parallel procedures and supporting info commands.


Development & Analytics

Our Systems Applications and Products HANA-trained developers will make it easier to create apps that incorporate enterprise philosophy, control philosophy, and a database layer with unparalleled efficiency using the top practices. At Lemonatics, we make sure that SAP HANA’s machine learning and predictive review has the chance to analyze any data information and incorporate with ease native machine learning algorithms, stream analytics and construct text analytics, research, mining, searching, etc. Spatial info processing companies may utilize geospatial info to develop novel apps and solutions.