- Sales Management

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Management Software

Get the Top Custom Management Sales Software and Integrations

Make sure the company objectives are accomplished by measuring sales success and sales capital. Via personalized sales cycle reports and Business Intelligence (BI) data as growth tools to develop an optimized solution for selling content and sales method. Improve profits and efficiency with the Sales & Operation Planning integration software from Lemonatics.


Sales Lead Management App

We give inbound marketing workflows sales lead management software solutions, counting in content marketing tools, email marketing automations, search engine optimization management, monitoring behaviors/interactions, social media integrations, and management of customized offers. The marketing automation apps allow optimized time management for the success and performance of the sales team.


Sales Client Database Software

Sales client database software is programmed to promote the success of marketing data systems, software for sale pipelines, and the top software for contact management & monitoring. Lead generation and deal management are tracked by our customized application development tools.


Salesforce Software Incorporation

Integration of Salesforce software helps small enterprise business structures with channel sales management and software for unmediated sales. Salesforce Automation sites, software for sales enabling, inside sales systems, and other platforms are customized.


Inside Sales Software Solutions

We build auto-dialers, live chat software, call management options, meeting management, proposal/quote creators, and 360-degree feedback instruments, and Computer Telephony Integrations engineering, within sales systems and apps.


Sales Analytics Services

The end-to-end sales bi-data analytics apps offered by our program. Creation of customized applications involves data mining, real-time reporting, monitoring personalized goals/Key Performance Indicators and performance monitoring incorporated into the transfer  software.


Sales Tracking Software Creation

Lemonatics pros create sales monitoring software options, such as management of orders/contracts, field sales/territory management, handling of commissions, sales funnel software, and tracking characteristics for referrals.


Sales Enablement Services

We create custom sale facilitating services, such as partnership instruments, automated lead scoring/distribution, forecasting of sales, and management of opportunities.


Sales Software Incorporation

We integrate customized sales applications with third-party entities, such as customer relationship software for sales, ERP, data shifting, etc.