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Grow Business with Custom POS

Customized POS Services to Enhance Your KPIs

Custom Point of Sale for your retail business. In order to run the entire company through one platform, POS is an integral component. In POS App Development, our pro developers have a vast background. For companies of every size and scope, we’re committed to finding the top Point of Sale solution. Lemonatics partners with leading firms in the POS Tech field, such as Clover, Verifone, Ingenico, Equinox, Oracle Micros and Worldpay. We respect your specific method of business and assist you create a custom POS app for your brand, Point of Sale terminals, dashboards, etc.


Payment Gateway and Processor Implementation Solutions

Paypal, Stripe, Sage, WePay, CardConnet, WorldPay, Wavecrest, MojoPay, Authorize.Net


Customized POS Programming Solutions

Screens, Keyboards, Tip & Bar Monitoring, Smartphone Applications, Asset Management, Inventory Oversight, Scheduling & Management, Quality Control Systems, Menu Interfaces


Customized POS Development for All Sectors

Hospitality, Shopping, Travelling, Finance, Education, Food and Drinks, Lending, Transport


POS Reporting and Metrics

Data Mining, Predictive Analysis, Key Performance Indicator Monitoring, Real-Time Reporting, Custom Dashboards, Quicker Knowledge Comprehension, Decision-Making Assistance, Inventory Visibility, Client Info

POS Software to Fuel Your Performance


Point of Sale Implementation

Besides integrating third-party Point of Sale app modules from Poynt, Shopify Point of Sale, and QuickBooks oint of Sale, among others, we build completely integrated, end-to-end oint of Sale and payment solutions. With custom integrations into third-party payment software and devices that enable EMV enforcement and NFC payments, we optimize Point of Sale networks in place.


Point of Sale Software Development

Creation of customized Point of Sale software and pin pad GUIs for intuitive, feature-robust payment systems and terminal apps that are compatible with every third party device. With a vast scope of popular characteristics, counting in safety algorithms, customer engagement modules, and metrics engines, our Point of Sale creation solutions boost workflows and UI.


Point of Sale Programming

Specific code updates to menus, keyboards, asset handling features, smartphone barcode scans, scheduling and additional features are on offer in order for you to customize the app. By utilizing Asp.Net, Classic ASP, HTML, CSS 3, Java, AJAX, MySQL Oracle, POS APIs, we offer clients the power to configure color schemes, menu GUIs and check-out on Windows 7,8, Vista and XP computers and more with our Point of Sale programming solutions.


POS Applications

We build applications and payment methods for IOS, Android and Windows, CE, Pocket PC and Palm with Batch Barcode Scanners, Card Readers, etc. Conduct business when on the go, make payments and oversee sales while shortening hardware set ups to minimize lines in your smartphone payment system with smartphone inventory management.


Point of Sale Accounting Implementation

Engineering of payable/receivable accounting systems with distributor databases and modules for short-term credit management. With common accounting channels like QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamic GP, we provide smooth integration.


Food Service Point of Sale Systems

We build custom Point of Sale systems for restaurants and bars, and create/incorporate third party Point of Sale systems from Toast POS, TouchBistro, and Lightspeed. We provide guest and table management options, reservation and waitlist management, order management, and tableside ordering app integrations for smartphones.


Point of Sale Installation

To get your company going quickly, enhance customer loyalty and build better employee experiences, our professional developers install your required point of Sale app. A hardware set-up, device setup, hardware and network testing and system summary are included in our deployment services to guarantee the Point of Sale functions in accordance to your business model.


Point of Sale Configuration

For successful communication amid modules, multiple payment options, terminals, GUIs and hardware to make sure there is PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, EMV, Check 21, data encryption and other compliancy standards, our Point of Sale pros smoothly configure database links to any Point of Sale applications, like Oracle MICROS-OPERA, Ingenico, Verifone, Clover and more Point of Sale systems.


Point of Sale Upgrade

Lemonatics is going to supply your Point of Sale system with terminal interface enhancements to ensure that all data is protected as the procedure goes on. With tokenization and point-to-point encryption, we offer enhancements to remove payment processing issues, bring up the receipt printing speed, assist you in investing in up-to-date reliable hardware, and improve EMV security.


Payment Processing Solutions

Processing cash, EBT, checks, smartphone transfers, and credit, debit, fleet, loyalty, prepaid, gift and reward cards are all dealt with via customized Point f Sale terminal solutions. We offer prominent payment gateways, counting in Authorize.Net, PayPal, SecurePay, First Info, Worldpay, and Amazon Payments, with customized integrations. Authorization, capture, sale, void, refund, recurring, and all other frequent payment forms are supported by our systems.


Point of Sale Inventory Systems

Integrating inventory management systems with Point of Sale to automate inventory counts and methods for stock transactions, synchronizing inventory in real time through various networks. Characteristics coint in stock changes, updates to stock status, and channel-adjusted stocking that easily goes with the new scanning tech (RFID, barcodes, QR code, NFC).


Point of Sale System Software

With automated profile formation, loyalty solutions, personalized marketing, and gift/discount management, we create and implement Customer Relationship Management apps. Modules for consumer behavior analysis provide applications for monitoring interactions, tracking trends/relationships, and case backgrounds.


Online Point of Sale Software

Creation of online terminal GUIs to catch and settle messages, as well as phone CNP payments with IVR modes for touch-tone procedures. We implement shopping carts for e-commerce and hosted checkout solutions that smoothly integrate with common platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop.


Point of Sale Analytics Software

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) programming for data mining, forecasting analytics, decision support, and Key Performance Indicator monitoring, plus tailored solutions in real-time reporting dashboards to assist you comprehend the info faster.


Point of Sale Custom Solutions

At Lemonatics, with custom characteristics that scale to suit your business growth objectives, we bring your PoS to new heights. We configure PoS applications, reports, processing rules, e-commerce checkout occurrences and marketing characteristics. In order to create a method with all the mentioned options, our project management team works close with you and your employees.

Clover Integration

As a Clover Partner, with Clover customized Point of Sale creation, customization, configuration, implementation and others, our professional developers assist in smoothing out and expanding your enterprise.


Process Payment Forms Safely

Lemonatics easily integrates and customizes the end-to-end payment infrastructure in your company IT space, ensuring that you can use your new Clover Point of Sale system to process all payment forms safely and efficiently.


Get The Characteristics You Require

For your Clover Point of Sale solution, our accredited Clover developers offer customized Point of Sale functionality, such as gift cards, analytics, security characteristics, customer interaction, etc.


Bring Up Customer Shopping Experience

By designing customized Clover Point of Sale Terminal applications designed to make your firm transfer procedures better, we boost your customer shopping path.


Accept All Payment Forms

Utilizing Clover PoS software, we provide business solutions to make sure that your company can be open to all payment forms, counting in Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, cash, swipe, EMV, and NFC.

Verifone Point of Sale Solution

As a Verifone partner, our expert developers offer customized terminal application creation, incorporation, customizing and integrating services, for a safe and reliable Point of Sale payment solution via the Verifone systems.


Multiple Payment Choices

Lemonatics’ professional Verifone developers personalize and set up your Verifone Point of Sale framework with the user experience module, enabling you to accept various payment choices, such as EMV, Apple Pay, etc.


More Profits and Chances

We design custom terminal appls to build a centralized Point of Sale system for both Verifone hardware and software systems, enabling you to create more profits and chances.


Expand Point of Sale Functionalities

The payment professionals from Lemonatics offer customized terminal and PoS integration services to broaden the features of your Verifone device infrastructure via various card interfaces.


Safe Electronic Payment Processing

For quick and safe electronic payment processing choices, our payment industry professionals offer customized Verifone Point of Sale creation that allows your business to accept gifts, checks, cash, EBT etc.

Ingenico Point of Sale Services

Customized growth, deployment, customizing and integration services for a safe and stable Point of Sale along with mobile payment solutions with Ingenico systems are supported by Lemonatics’ payment professionals.


Impactful Shopping Experience

Ingenico TETRA smart terminal advance payment solutions are leveraged by Lemonatics’ developers to make sure that companies have impactful client interactions in all sectors.


Accept Payments On-The-Move

By enabling you to accept electronic payments on the run, Ingenico Mobile Solutions ensures that your company suits growingly on-the-go customers.


ePayment Services

Utilizing safe and reliable tech, we use Ingenico’s ePlacement solution to link your company globally to make sire that you go over currency conversions.


Avoid Payment Complications

In order to make sure that your company allows buying more simply, smoother and safer for all your clients, Lemonatics provides a vast scope of Ingenico services and solutions.

Micros Point of Sale Solutions

Oracle Micros POS delivers customized guest interactions, 360-degree consumer perspectives, united front and back-end processes, fuels agents via modern UX, conducts research to build more profitable deals, boosts margins, supports Points of Sale on every type of gadgets, avoids losses, obtains client details, and more while handling cloud tech.


Great Guest Experience with Oracle Food and Beverage

Oracle Micros Point of Sale lets you dominate competitors with the use of advanced Point of Sale tech designed especially for your company’s food and beverage needs. With centralized Point of Sale software and hardware building-motivated loyalty programs and deals to keep costs down, Lemonatics developers assist you provide quick, effective service.


Revolutionize Change with Oracle Hospitality

It is crucial to provide services that build memorable experiences to stay up to date with shifting guest requirements. Our developers incorporate Oracle Micros Point of Sale with focused deals, loyalty points, mobile payments and digital wallets to fully utilize the power of data and increase the hospitality experience.


Better Retail & Merchandising

For integrated ranges over channels and more, Oracle Micros Point of Sale retail software has an organized reporting framework, predictive and prescriptive analytics for smart, quick and marketplace predictions. For better Returns on Investments and entrepreneurial productivity, our professional developers offer customized features with adaptive intelligence.


Inclusive Oracle Micros Point of Sale

It is possible to integrate Oracle Micros Points of Sale with third-party payment processors such as FirstData, TSYS, Paymentech, Verifone, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay. Our developers make sure that credit cards, debit cards, checks, ACH, mobile payments, loyalty cards, pre-paid cards and fit cards are approved by the Oracle Micros Point of Sale for an immersive UX.

Equinox Point of Sale Solution

Vast software creation and PoS solutions for Equinox payment terminals are provided by Lemonatics. We configure, personalize, and offer performances and features to your Equinox Point of Sale.


Multilane Retail Services

In order to build multilane retail services with a protected architecture that improves the customer experience, we incorporate and configure equinox payment terminals.


Incorporated Contactless Payment

With intuitive card readers for fast checkouts, Equinox terminals deliver incorporated no-contact payment tech.


Quick Implementation

Setup and reconfigure your equinox payment terminal with minimum downtime and quick implementation by Lemonatics’ Point of Sale developers.


Seamless POS programming

With a versatile Point of Sale GUI, we build a smooth configuration procedure by knowing the Linux OS.