Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Services

Ensure quick and secure processing of transactions by creating your own secure cryptocurrency wallet with our Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Services. At Lemonatics we offer 100% customized, multi-currency, and secure mobile wallets with UI/UX design for daily purposes.

Crypto Payment Gateway Services

Payment gateways play an important role in making payment instruments more suitable for everyday transactions. Given the fact that cryptocurrency is growing day after day and businesses all over the world have started to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, a crypto payment gateway is the need of the business in modern times.

The crypto payment gateway is a special payment processing platform that can be used by both users and vendors to send, receive, transact and transfer cryptocurrency without threatening security. In the other words, it is a payment network that allows securely performing different crypto payments.

Crypto payment gateway has huge advantages over other payment gateways. The fact that the crypto payment gateways are built on the blockchain ecosystem contributes to ensuring the security of transactions, reducing the intermediaries involved in the process, increasing the speed of payments, etc. Moreover, the decentralized nature of blockchain service benefits like immutability of records and transparency in the transactions.

What we offer

As a part of blockchain development services, Lemonatics offers startups and enterprises of all sizes and spheres a wide range of crypto payment gateway services with a high level of excellence.

We develop secure crypto payment gateways providing customized and secure mobile wallets for daily usage. Our product may accept multiple currencies, provide payment options through QR code, NFC or URL, and contain any other features needed specifically for your business. Also, we may integrate these gateways into already existing payment solutions of businesses.

With a team of highly qualified expert developers having practical experience in relevant techniques and a deep understanding of several industry-specific processes, Lemonatics delivers best-in-class crypto payment gateway solutions. We guarantee that our crypto payment gateway development services ensure ease of usage, individual approach, as well as institutional-grade security.

Thus, if you are searching for the best crypto payment gateway solutions, then Lemonatics is your one-stop solution.

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Top Features of our Crypto Payment Gateway

Our progressive technology and the high-skilled team focus on developing and testing an individual Crypto Payment Gateway for your business needs to stay ahead in this competitive market. Our payment solutions achieve the following top features:

Mobile apps

Apart from the software, we offer crypto payment gateway app development services to offer your users make crypto payments through mobile apps.

Multilingual support

Our crypto payment gateway is available globally. So, helping to ensure understanding between users around the world is in high priority.

Two Factor Authentication

Our Crypto Payment Gateway has a high level of security, including two-factor authentication as an extra layer of protection.

API plugins

Our crypto payment API is highly focused on facilitating the automation process of payments thereby making the transactions faster, safer and more reliable.

Multiple Wallets

The user can integrate multiple wallets to its crypto payment gateway to hold large amounts of cryptocurrencies in one place and to make all kinds of crypto payments possible.

User managed funds

The user can manage their funds, their private keys and the security of the payment gateway by himself.

Multiple payment options

Our solution allows you to equip your crypto payment gateway with multiple payment options to make the transactions smooth and reliable.

All the features of the Crypto Payment Gateway are developed strictly for the needs of the user and business. Additionally, we offer easy registration procedure, transaction history, vendor tools, customization options, KYC and AML verification, multi-device access, and more.

Benefits from the usage of the crypto payment gateway

Crypto payment gateways are a must-have for making instant payments in cryptocurrencies as they make international transactions and payments easier. The advantages of crypto payment gateways include lower transaction costs, flexibility, security, exclusion of intermediaries, and more.

Exclusion of Intermediaries

The crypto payment gateway completely excludes the participation of third parties in your transaction and subsequent interaction with them.

Speed of transactions

Each crypto transaction completes within a few minutes, which significantly speeds up business processes in the organization and reduces costs.

Global Usage

Crypto payment gateway service can be provided to any business owner in the world in all possible business areas as it is globally accessible.


The crypto payment gateways are built on the blockchain. It means that a crypto payment gateway is extremely secure and the transactions are scam-free and can’t be reversed.

24 Hour Availability

A crypto payment gateway does not depend on the activities of any third parties and institutions, which makes it possible to use it 24/7.

Integration with existing apps and platforms

Vendors can easily integrate the crypto payment gateway solutions into their existing business applications. Additionally, users can control and manage crypto payment gateway through any device.

Lower transaction costs

Compared to other forms of crypto payments, crypto payment gateway charges a very low amount of transaction fee for their services.


The transparency provided by the blockchain technology ensures that there is no discretion in the information as well as the ability for anyone to have access to the history of payments without compromising on the privacy and identity of users and vendors.

Why Choose Lemonatics Software Development

More than 100+ blockchain developers are available to perform tasks of any complexity.

Our experts in cryptocurrency development and wallet setup provide 24/7 support after developments of services to the client

We use the most modern technology tools to develop a crypto payment gateway.

Our experienced team of developers, designers, and analysts necessarily conduct a comprehensive analysis and functionality check of your payment gateway before providing a ready-made solution.

We have extensive experience in cryptocurrency development and wallet setup, ensuring the provision of the best solution for your business at an affordable cost.

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