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Open Source Services

Versatility and Flexibility of Open Source Services

By customizing it it to your enterprise requirements, we tailor open source tech. Application, management and incorporation of IT developments are enterprise services we offer for firms.

E-commerce Open Source Development

Lemonatics offers services for the development of open source e-comm that offer total flexibility and handling of online platforms, providing the chance to develop web pages that offer a all-encompassing client experience via catalog management, engine optimization, and various marketing tools.


Open Source Incorporation

Our open source incorporation services render it simple to set up app incorporations and make able the smooth connection of on-site or cloud apps. Some parts like performance management, high availability, and security, are made to be ready from the get-go and the most important production deployments.


Open Source App Solutions

Tailored open source app services made by our team, such as web pages, web applications, databases, business intelligence, analytics, cloud technologies, networking, testing automation, distributed systems, customer relationship management, containers, enterprise resource planning, etc.
The services we offer change depending on the marketplace and tech needs.


Open Source CRM Services

Lemonatics creates for you CRM open source apps that manage pipelines with ease, quicken contract nurturing, perform communication collaboration platform, and automate daily procedures like data capture, email communications, internal signals, and insights and reports.


Open Source Content Management System

We make open source CMS services for promoting multiple site characteristics, offer central management and control of available content, and integrate 3rd party tech platforms like content monetization tools to bring up revenue and brand strategy.


Open Source App Development

Lemonatics employees are professionals for developing open source apps for different purposes and branches, providing end-to-end solutions like customized development, DevOps incorporation, personalization, shifting of data, UI and UX design,, fast prototyping, programming for safety, and re-engineering.