- Middleware

Middleware Architecture & Software Development

Connect, Integrate and Manage Systems using Middleware

Lemonatics creates customized middleware integration solutions for optimal performance upgrades to existing software. In today’s business climate information transfer must be done quickly and seamlessly. Disparate application systems often experience connectivity lags as software updates become more complex. Delays of any kind have financial consequences on business efficiency and productivity. We develop software technology that seamlessly “glues” and automates disparate systems and modernizes vital enterprises platforms by Message-Oriented-Middleware -ESB tools, Middleware Cloud Dockers -SOA and Middleware API’s.

Middleware Cloud Dockers –SOA

Middleware Dockers enterprise deployment configuration used across multiple machines now have a singular point of access expedite development provisions, deployment and integration in the Cloud. Our programmers build universal Middleware Cloud Docker software to provide your network of systems with seamless automation to manage connectivity of application infrastructure to keep them in sync.


Middleware Software Solutions

Lemonatics middleware software solutions effectively connects different end systems, performs data transformations and apply business logic, seamlessly integrating and automating intricate business settings that enable the building of monitoring, error, and re-try mechanisms. Middleware provides connectivity “glue” for disparate software as well as compatible systems enabling management of communication data between systems.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We engineer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software that enables companies to electronically communicate with each other and conform to important standards, including EDIFACT and TRADACOMS, and point-to-point capabilities via AS2 and SFTP.


Biztalk Server Solutions

Our solutions include Microsoft BizTalk Server Solutions that allow companies to automate business procedures, using adapters which are custom-made to communicate with software systems used in an organization.