- Location Services


Advanced Location-based Services to Boost Your App Functionality

At Lemonatics, we develop location-based applications. We provide location-based services and the creation of geolocation apps. Tailored smartphone apps are made by Lemonatics geographic information system consultants. The expertise we offer comes with GEO-positioning and retrieval of GPS information. We create games based on location, fitness apps, VR and augmented reality. On Android and Apple OS’, Lemonatics’ LBS engineers create apps.


POI Locating

These days, for firms with dedicated apps, you should offer a service for locating stores nearby and service providers. With GPS monitoring options, Lemonatics offers the best location apps that give you precise driving predictions, dynamic term filtering and simple to get GUIs that can be used multiple times.


Navigation and GPS Apps

Lemonatics teams utilize customized application programming interfaces
to program GPS-focused apps for communicating with 3rd parties, like weather and traffic applications. With built-in location-founded apps and GPS monitoring tech, Lemonatics programs real-time routes and offers re-routing apps for good fleet and logistics management.


Social Media Services

People often check in on social media and this is an important thing for a number of firms. Lemonatics knows how to develop and incorporate social media apps for a variety of reasons, from infotainment to emergency services that use location-focused characteristics, like location-focused tagging. The Lemonatics solutions let users of smartphones highlight services and goods.


Closeness-Founded Marketing

With location-founded features, Lemonatics develops digital marketing apps, like location-targeted push alerts. Geofencing tech assists firms in automating marketing content pushes when going into a preset region (like close to a retail location) to the smartphone gadgets of clients.


Asset Monitoring Tech

Keeping visibility on each of the firm’s assets, no matter if it’s IT equipment, heavy machines or employees, is crucial for maintaining that things run seamlessly and that revenue is generated. We use tech like barcodes, NFC tags, RFID trackers, and Internet of Things scanners for updating centralized databases in real time when assets are relocated.


Field Service Applications

Lemonatics develops smartphone field service apps that allow workers to follow their whole team from a central user location. The location-focused development services count in geolocation applications with chances to pinpoint individual field employees, deal with dispatching tasks, monitor assets, monitor deliveries, give tasks to and navigate drivers, and keep a database of location-set happenings.


Geofencing Location-Focused Solutions

Lemonatics offers geofencing services with incorporated alert triggers for targeted messaging and e-mail communicating. Lemonatics’ also performs geo-tagging app creation with tailored modules to incorporate with image apps, and remote sensing gadgets (RFID, barcode, QR scanners).


Incorporations and Tailored Services

The Lemonatics location-based service app specialists know how to write code and develop the most well-known geo-location apps, like Google Maps, MapQuest, Waze,  and Apple Maps. We can set up and integrate such services into any smartphone, desktop or web application to develop one-of-a-kind, option-robust map affairs.

Customized Mapping Solution Incorporations

Lemonatics uses proprietary location-founded hardware characteristics woven into smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and others in order to develop applications, video games and virtual reality apps, Apple devices, Android devices… We make location-founded applications with incorporated

Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, and Waze mapping options.


ESRI Services

For more than thirty years ESRI has been offering enterprises with important geographic data. ESRI services assist you in managing and analyzing geographic information system information. ESRI provides a number of options for integrating geographic information system technology in all enterprises. From personal desktop systems to business location-based architecture. ESRI location-based services are flexible and customized to fulfill the users’ needs. We come together with ESRI to assist you begin, create, and maintain the victory of your enterprise.


Bing Maps

We incorporate Bing Maps V8’s universal mapping controls on offer for both personal computers and Mac browsers, and smartphone platforms. Bing Maps’ API is great for web-founded apps with support for JavaScript and TypeScript. We create proprietary map affairs for Android and Apple applications via Bing Maps characteristics and services. We make Unity-founded apps that use Bing Maps 3D information. Lemonatics uses Bing Maps’ REST Services to make location intelligence solutions like geocoding, reverse-geocoding, time zone lookup. Our team provides spatial information services that offer POI and batch geocoding.


Waze Maps

Lemonatics offers customized apps that integrate Waze features to share parking lot locations, event venue info, and navigation manuals for drivers. Lemonatics embeds Waze’s navigation framework in the application letting users operate navigation characteristics without exiting the application. We use Waze Audio Kit to incorporate podcasts, audiobooks and music in your application. We make feeds that give info on alternate routes, the traffic, accidents, and food/rest stop areas.


Google Maps

We create dynamic applications that use Google Maps application programming interfaces
. Lemonatics adds robust info for millions of places to applications and provides autocomplete results for user questions. Our team converts between addresses and geographic coordinates via geocoding application programming interfaces and code geolocation characteristics that offer location info without counting on GPS. We incorporate Google Maps straight into ride-sharing applications to bring up the quality of navigation. Lemonatics provides impressive real-world 3D architecture with updated worldwide info for Unity-founded videogames.


Apple Maps

Lemonatics develops applications which utilize MapKit to show interactive maps with customized annotations, underlined areas, and overlays. Our team lets clients use total control to zoom, pan, rotate, and move the map over in 3D, and display to users their updated location or show them to their upcoming destination via direction application programming interfaces
. We utilize MapKit JS to incorporate Apple Maps in your web page. We offer Indoor Mapping Data Format to provide a model for all indoor locations, displaying a base for orientation, navigation, and discovery.