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Legacy Software Modernization Solutions

Retire Legacy Software with Data Migration and System Modernization

For legacy tech upgrade and retirement, Lemonatics develops personalized migration solutions. There are several advantages to changing from outdated software to the newest. We offer code modernization and smooth transfer to tailored applications adjusted to specifically suit your corporate needs from limited legacy platforms.


Legacy System Modernization

At Lemonatics we update systems with advanced GUI, OS, and relational databases. We implement such policies as Architecture Guided Modernization and the Renaissance Approach. While updating the systems we guarantee the reciprocity of data and readiness of mission critical processes.


Legacy System Migration

Leamonatics provides legacy migration services including manual migrations and language interpretations such as Pascal, COBOL and RPG to more modern widely used frameworks and programming languages, like Java. We also perform programming of custom automated interpretation software for harmonious migration databases, languages and OS in addition to migrations, validation and data conversions.


Application Modernization Services

Our engineers conduct application renovation services such as improvement of existing systems with up-to-date services that include web, IoT, mobile and other.


Custom Software Modernization

Our specialist update the outdated versions of PHP, Java, Ruby. JavaScript, Python, Perl Objective-C and others to new. We as well integrate open and Service Oriented Architectures.

Our legacy modernization experts have expertise in software such as:

ColdFusion, Delphi, ADABAS, MATLAB, HTML, dBase, and much more.