- IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) App

Infrastructure App Development & Tracking Features

Lemonatics makes ITSM management apps that will assist your enterprise automate procedures and improve issue handling. The engineers at Lemonatics develop complex systems for performing main cause analysis and for providing real-time IT visibility.

Call Center Monitoring App

The team at Lemonatics builds ITSM tools like call center tracking applications, allowing for better interactions with clients via ACD systems, SIP incorporations and business workload management.


CMMS App Services

We offer CMMS for automating project management workflows, non-internal inquiries, asset background records, hardware inventory monitoring, etc. Your business will get DNS real-time automation.


IT Procurement Solutions

The IT procurement solutions we offer are the development of eProcurement/eSourcing Productivity Improvements and ISPL incorporation of service catalogs and service delivery automation workflows, and tender organizing/features for preparations, too.


Predictive Maintenance App

Lemonatics provides predictive features for maintaining and optimizing infrastructure, as well as event management. Incorporation of predictive analytical apps warrants uptime, better gadget consistency, stability and spots possible failure points, known as root causes analysis.


Service Level Agreement Management Systems

The developers set up customized SLA management features and apps to keep grip of site-focused Service Level Agreements, set up separate requests and make sure there is automatic assignment and that priorities are assigned on the basis of pre-set data. Reporting tools track compliance with SLA/violations, the time of response, etc.


IT Lifecycle Management Services

We construct IT lifecycle management services like AMS apps, tailored app development for automated discovery tools, metadata repository development, CMDB selections and storing, as well as licensing renewal monitoring systems for hardware and software.


Knowledge Management

The ITSM services offer internal and external knowledge base tracking features for master information monitoring and knowledge-founded routing0/escalation incorporation. Automated priority notification automating solutions are part of task monitoring and task management systems for apps aimed for analysis and reporting.


ITSM App Services

We offer ITSM app services that include solutions and tailored options for user-made dashboards. ITSM management via self-service and managed ticketing is seen in the release management automation of apps, smooth versioning and faster deployments.


IT Service Continuity Management

We construct enterprise-tailored IT service continuity management apps, such as incorporated disaster recovery apps with server restoration options through automated information backups, re-establishment of private branch exchanges, etc. The root cause analysis options are woven into the majority of the Continuity Management Performance Tracking Services.


ITSM Programming

The Lemonatics team performs ITSM app programing of online service desk platforms for ITSM systems via secure CSR portals for management, modules and updates for customer management apps to support on-site or off-site CRM systems, contract management apps for resource migration preparation, and availability management.


ITSM App Development

We make ITSM apps to solve issues of infrastructure devices. These BYODs have some risks that are dealt with via smooth integrations via different gadgets, OS’ and self-service portals via MDM platforms. We also make preventive maintenance apps for planning, automating and recording activities. The 3rd party incorporations are BMC, ServiceNow and others.


ITSM Incporporations

We make ESI apps for accepting, notifying and messaging. This tech allows for EFM frameworks that are woven into the helpdesk or online insight-gathering procedures and may utilize platforms like ManageEngine. Such infrastructure tracking features are customized for dashboards to allow for transparency from ticket formatting to the last stage.