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Business Franchise Management Software Systems

It can be virtually unfeasible to keep a total overview of business-wide activities without a fully cohesive franchise management structure. Lemonatics’ cloud-founded franchise management app can assist you bring up revenue, achieve bigger client and business contentment levels, as well as provide complete reporting and visibility for Franchisor and Franchisee management, no matter if you are an existing franchise firm or a new company that is contemplating expanding their business by franchising your enterprise.

Franchise Intranet Programming

Franchise-vast intranets in all locations enable safe communicating. Document Management Systems (DMS) are built into franchise management platforms. Interactive franchisee forums for a common knowledge base, news signals and project management modules are offered by us. Mobile onboarding, time and attendance, task operations and performance monitoring are allowed through centralized employee management applications.


Enterprise Franchise Management System

Our point-of-sale systems allow customer-specific metrics to be analyzed, like expenditure trends and market performance. For digital managers, we develop Content Management Systems to keep numerous web pages and tactically improve Omni channel visibility. With marketing automation instruemtns, we are creating one of the best multi-location franchise operation applications to remotely gain entry to and track new client information.


Royalties Franchise Management System

To measure costs, such as royalty payments, bonus in-house and third-party funding costs, we combine BI engines, Point of Sale info with Franchise Disclosure Document information. We create accounting ledgers for the handling of multiple location management expenditures. Our franchise management software update incorporates personalized modules for the creation of invoices, payroll, commission reconciliation, and ACH payments. Our document management system offers state and local license electronic filing abilities, and tracking and maintaining record logging and tracing abilities.


Franchise CRM Software

In franchise management frameworks, we develop customized CRM platforms to better leverage client interaction. It is a time-saver to oversee franchise-vast marketing activities and manage possible lead conversions via our franchise management emthods. We incorporate happening calendar dates, channels for customer contact, data aggregation, monitoring tools, automated systems for customer loyalty, comprehensive corporate membership databases and client profiles.


Franchise Location Mapping Software

To plot fresh locations, maximize consumer scope and restrict franchise decay, we program BI-fueled territory mapping software. Utilizing interactive GIS mapping tech and population segmentation information centers (counting in Census information), property prices, domination of competitive firms, median income, demographics, e-commerce patterns, and engagement in social media are used to gain perspective on the location and population.


Franchise ERP System

Integrate customized or open-source ERP applications, incorporating dashboards for every ERP workflow with intuitive management. Logistics, supply chain management, and HR uses are provided by the Lemonatics’ franchise management program. Order Management Systems are programmed for real-time inventory data, estimates of economic order quantities (EOQ), automatic restocking, and real-time resource monitoring. Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, NetSuite and SAGE are part of our 3rd-party ERP product incporporation.

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