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Facility Management Apps for Complex Spaces

Assets and constructing managers who handle lots of facilities with multiple functions require one GUI for usage and controlling of assets, plan rooms, as well as for boosting habitability in numerous ways. Moreover, such a thing is needed for making smart acquisitions, and scheduling repairs and maintenance. We know how to incorporate these things in to one easy to use facility-focused service.


Tailored CAFM Systems

For residential, industrial, educational and government institutions, we offer tailored, cloud-focused computer-assisted facility management apps for

Thanks to thorough information systems, tools for 2D and 3D mapping, as well as database sources, Lemonatics creates facility management app systems for assisting you organize your space and handle assets. These systems are ideal for dealing with migrations to new installations.


Thorough IWMS Services

Lemonatics creates IWMS to assist you enhance facility and asset management procedures, bring up transparency, systematize operations and bring down expenses of FM parts. Components incorporated are Asset Monitoring, Sustainable Growth and Business Continuity Management (BCM), Maintenance, Project Management, Work Orders, Real Estate and Lower Management, Room Management, Environmental Control.


CMMS App Development

Managers can save costs by restricting downtime and reactive maintenance thanks to CMMS which assists managers get ready for inspections, crisis repairs, and preventive maintenance (due to vibration, temperature, energy usage, and more) on all facilities.

Connect the CMMS with embedded machine apps so that you can track performances and key performance indicators and know straight away when repairs are needed for optimum maintenance management operations.


Facilities Management Asset Monitoring

Lemonatics creates EAM platforms for tracking all physical assets and those who own them. Lemonatics integrates with embedded barcode/QR scanner apps so that workers can check in and check out themselves, and RFID technology to let allocated constructing scanners to track assets all the time. Managers can easily hold the depreciation plans for all long-term assets in one location.


Inventory Management

We give you centralized inventory data centers so that you can keep total oversight of equipment materials and parts, where they are kept, how much is left, and other significant info (cost-per-unit, material parts, supplier info). Inventory management app modules can also automate stock reorders when meeting requirements set by you.


Mobile Solutions

Lemonatics creates proprietary and cross-platform apps for smartphones that give you total functionality of the desktop, and a single-click photo upload, GPS asset monitoring services and barcode/QR scans.

Lemonatics also programs real-time SMS and push notifications when equipment defaults, when security breaches occur, or any other incident needing immediate attention happensWe.


Integration and Migration

Are you using faulty facility management app services? We are going to help you move all that info to another tailored platform via verified techniques to minimize gadget downtime and not risk losing data. Our team also programs application programming interfaces to incorporate your customized framework with other connected business apps, like reporting and analysis, record management, financial management and ERP systems.


Work Order Management

Lemonatics assists in simplifying task orders and project management processes via the development of flexible fields, intuitive, easy to use implementation modules, and precise dashboards. Our team helps you set up a IWMS or CMMS platform for automating work orders and sending pre-written e-mails to 3rd-party repair offerors on a pre-determined basis or when some equipment defaults.


Building Spec Management

The Lemonatics customized CAFM systems let you collect data straight away on the facility, such as material descriptions, dynamic floor plans, HVAC layouts and building models. We also implement Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Building Knowledge Modeling.


Personnel Management

We help you manage personnel and their positions. Lemonatics programs staff databases, so you have all info in one place – from background details and access allowances to the building employees and office staff. We render it simpler to sort and offer tourists and vendors temporary access.


Our tailored CAFM, CMMS and IWMS systems are made to assist managers handle regulatory needs and the sector’s best examples, like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recommendations and ISO 41001, as well as OSHA.

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