ERP Services to Maximize Your ROI

Enterprise Resource Planning turns complex enterprise management frameworks in easy-to-use tech. ERP encompasses key business functions, such as procurement and distribution control, development, and accounting. It encourages sales, planning, client support, HR, logistics, Customer Relationship Managmenet, etc. Enterprise Resource Planning will organize all the data in one system. It facilitates smart and balanced decision-making. We have a vast background in Enterprise Resource Planning deployment, customization and integration for solid ERP systems that suit your specific business conduct. The developers at Lemonatics use common Enterprise Resource Planning applications, such as SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek, Oracle ERP, Macola, Sage, Oracle NetSuite etc.


ERP Migration Services

  • Platform Solutions for Migration
  • Service for System Migration
  • CRM to Cloud CRM on Premises
  • Upgrades to Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Providing Accuracy of Data
  • Seamless Migration


Our ERP Consultant Services

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Pros
  • Developing an Enterprise Resource Planning strategy That Suits Your Company
  • Maximizing Returns on Investments
  • Optimization of Company Procedures
  • Customizing Solutions
  • Implementation of New Solutions


ERP Extension and Widget Development

  • Application Programming Interface Widgets
  • Web-Based Portal
  • Social and Mobile
  • Extensions for MRP and CRM
  • Browser Widgets
  • Customized for Your Business
  • On Boarding Current Extensions

Lemonatics' Top ERP Solutions


Pro ERP Solutions

We bring you personalized networks, servers, safety and data management services across your business with information integrity intact along with little to no downtime. Our developers are bringing a new platform to your company in a seamless and cost-effective way.


Seamless Data Migrations

Our top-qualified developers expand legacy systems while maintaining information integrity with ongoing migrations of legacy info, merging raw data silos, modernizing the information infrastructure, and exposing the data environment to the advantages of data modeling, data governance, and productivity from a comprehensive data migration procedure.


Customized ERP Development

At Lemonatics, we’re building customized features to off-the-shelf Enterprise Resource Planning applications to suit your particular business style. Lemonatics automates workflows or Business Process Automation, changes solutions, incorporates import and export of data and incorporate extensions by making custom modules to model a framework that works with ease with your enterprise.


Tailored Services

Lemonatics customizes Enterprise Resource Planning services to build enhanced scalable, business-vast Enterprise Resource Planning  systems to automate critical procedures and provide key data info through on-site, smartphone, and web-founded channels that provide real-time entry to mission critical info.


Effective Integration Services

We utilized the unified structure of your picked totally-integrated business IT environment to make sure the scalability of your enterprise is in place by enabling data automation among systems in real time.


ERP System Configurations

We customize Enterprise Resource Planning applications with unique functions, enterprise intelligence, fields, changes, design improvements and adding specific fields and more. Our configurations make sure that every new position is tailored for a competitive advantage when compared to other companies.


ERP Administration Solutions

We track back-end system configuration for bugs, future upgrades and general support for tech infrastructure, troubleshooting system issues, offer Help Desk assistance, Security Administration, Database Backup, handle contacts and maintain schedules, etc.


ERP System Enhancements

Our specialist developers offer updates to enhance older software systems, boost business and operations, review the ongoing system status, update specifications, any holes that might need customizing and testing to make sure there is an updated form of functionality in place  as required.


Custom Dashboards

Lemonatics’ Enterprise Resource Planning services count in the customization of the design of your preferred ERP Service Oriented Architectures  and program-rich systems for forecasting analytics, decision support, executive dashboards, Key Performance Indicator monitoring, operational scorecards, etc.


Professional ERP Support

Lemonatics’ analyzes your ongoing business space to spot issues in disparate systems and create methods to implement and migrate mission-important Enterprise Resource Planning software in a converged structure.


Informational Warehouse

We leverage your picked Enterprise Resource Planning central repository infromational warehousing systems to Extract, Transform, and Load various data different sides and configure multiple nodes for information aggregation.


Robust Reporting

Lemonatics’ expert developer system custom for reporting characteristics for real-time questions to bring data-rich metrics with data visualization of enterprise objects via various charting and graph styles.

Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, our developers are offering Dynamics ERP development, customization, implementation, etc. We make sure that your company can handle inventory in a smooth and efficient way while optimizing the Return on Investment.


Financial Management

Lemonatics’ developers assist you in obtaining an end-to-end perspective of your company so that you may make knowledgeable financial moves, speed up financial deals and reporting while keeping compliance and enhancing data precision.


Safe and Automated Supply Chain

As partners of Microsoft Gold, we have the background in offering companies the means to boost inventories, increase profits with better workflows and prevent missed sales with precise inventory estimates.


Intelligent and Enhanced Customer Services

Lemonatics assists companies to bring value during the sales procedure by putting the priority on leads with the biggest potential, growing sales efficiency and providing outstanding service with fully-optimized and robust applications.


On-Time and Under Budget

We’re helping you focus on the budget. Our professional developers make sure that you can handle client ventures and monitor budgeting for optimum yields, promote future plans and offer insight into project stats.

NetSuite ERP Services

As an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, the mission is to speed up your business success with NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning specialized development services. We provide integrations, migrations and bonus options to your firm as it expands and successfully innovates.


Financial Management and Planning

Lemonatics’ developers offer an intuitive NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning GUI, versatile modeling, analysis, reporting and support to all while ensuring compliance, reporting accuracy and real-time stats.


Supply Chain Optimization

Lemonatics helps you in detecting possible supply chain problems, tracking supply and filtering performance, all with real-time perspective, improved service levels and decreased supply chain costs.


Warehouse Fulfillment

The output of NetSuite ERP’s warehouse counts in inbound logistics, outbound logistics and inventory management. Our developers make sure that you get real-time updates, worldwide support and native solutions when utilizing NetSuite.


Management of Orders

ERP’s pricing and promo capabilities, expedited purchasing procedures and customer service boost cash flow, increase profits, delivery time and shipping fees.

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Service

As SAP Partners, we have a vast background in the deployment, customization and integration of Enterprise Resource Solutions that best suit business roadmaps and targets. We utilize the best practices to add the SAP Enterprise Resource Solution to the workplace flawlessly for maximum benefit and smooth venture management.


Product Procurement, Manufacturing and Orders

Lemonatics’ developers are very well-skilled in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning features that help the procurement procedure, speed up production and support all customer-based procedures via methodical logistics, scheduling, reviews and service delivery.


Human Resource Solutions

Utilizing the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, we promote organizational expansion by focusing Human Resources procedures for local and worldwide employee hubs, automating time and attendance apps and make sure there is a worldwide software to support a quick, Human-Resource-compliant and efficient workforce.


Finance Capabilities

At Lemonatics, we make sure there is enhanced precision of accounting characteristics, smart cost control and profitability, and worldwide business practices via streamlined financial operations that allow you to make solid financial moves.


Professional Client Service

Lemonatics’ lets your company achieve a new level of client services with an effective and incorporated supply chain, integrated service solutions and procedures, and a monitored service background that exceeds client assumptions, enhances customer response times and streamlines service operations.

Oracle ERP Cloud Services

Lemonatics is an Oracle Partner with experience in Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning. The enticement of Oracle ERP is amplified by the software development solutions with customizations, migrations, incorporations, etc. Oracle lets you link your financial procedures around the globe.

Enhanced Stats

Lemonatics’ expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning helps you get better information in the business field, thanks to intuitive dashboards and reports.


Risk and Compliance

We assist you manage business risk and promote compliancy systems so that you can easily detect any problems, disclose them and gain strategic information.



Lemonatics’ developers have experience with tech such as AI and machine learning that Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning leverages for automated procedures to let businesses better handle their workflow.


Finance and Human Resources

Finance and Human Resource solutions are a portion of the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning, the centralized platform improves efficiency with shared dashboards and reports for enhanced and quicker decision-making.