- Document Management


We supply you with customized electronic record management software.
We’ll give you the help you need for handling docs and enjoying the advantages of paper-trail management.

Virtual Doc Management Services for DMS Software

Law firms, healthcare agencies, human resource sectors, publishers, and other firms know what the real worth of electronic management systems is for producing, storing, editing and distributing a vast scope of docs.

Information Tech Software

We offer customized development of IT software for interoperability, cloud-based multiple-point access, version control, procedure automation, and incorporated security in check with the top practices and requirements already in place.


Personal Records

Lemonatics makes customized Personal Record (PHR) software via cloud and mobile embedding for interoperability and portability with Information Exchange, Public Health, Electronic Records, Clinical Trials, Provider, Collaborative Care, and Payer Systems, and embedding (tethering) with PHR systems for secure sharing and transferring personal info to a centralized information database.


Practice Management Systems

Working on the Lemonatics Custom Practice Management System (CMS) counting in client functionality and resource scheduling, customer sign ups, meeting settings, customized reporting and information extraction.


Electronic Records

Create a Custom Practice Management System, counting in meeting setting, user functionality, resource scheduling, client registration, customized reporting and information extraction.

Strict Following of Regulatory Standards

important docs managed in a secure and simple way.

End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage

The Lemonatics doc handling solutions let cloud-founded DMS to be created on better DBaaS hosts, providing you a centralized and easily accessible doc storage. We make simple indexing instruments to sort docs and add connected migration and bring up metadata. Lemonatics also automates DMS via machine-learning instruments. Our team also programs mapping, data mining, and predictive coding instruments for parsing and obtaining important info from your docs.


Data Governance Services

We offer monitoring and data integration in all of our business content management services. Our IT team for security knows how to bring in RBAC, authorization procedures, multiple-factor authentication, and closely coded data encryption with DMS portal systems. Lemonatics keeps your whole DMS content archive safe.


Collaboration and Workflow Automation

Lemonatics creates multiple-tenant instruments for collaboration with UI/UX that’s intuitive enough for workers of all backgrounds to collaborate on your customized doc handling application development. We create characteristics for implementing electronic signatures, emailing docs to third parties, and adding comments and more. The Lemonatics’ customized workflow management tools assist you in automating your doc progress in every group and when it comes to mass delivery.


Document Scanning & Index App Incorporation

Document digitalization is easy to conduct when talking about transforming typed documents, forms, hand-written notes and similar analog things in digital formats, counting in DOC and DOCX, ODT, PDF, HTML, TXT, EPUB, and PPT. This is done via DMS interfacing with incorporated apps in systems utilized for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). Usually, such devices will also count in a barcode recognition part.


Document Management System API's

Lemonatics is able to program application programming interfaces to mix business DMS solutions with other forms of enterprise-based software, counting in CMS, CRM, ERP and HRM. We’re also able to personalize and embed open-sourced DMS solutions, like Box, SharePoint and PandaDoc.


Electronic File Cabinet Services

We have extensive information on each step of doc creation thanks to tracking versions offering a digital filing service. The addition of the Record Management System will automatically update the audit trail of the doc with time stamps and employee details. The electronic file cabinet solution we offer comes with a doc lifestyle management that incorporates internal doc tracking tech for promoting transparent services in organizations. Lemonatics helps you follow regulations, too, and data security laws and electronic discovery requests with record handling solutions.

Customized Document Management App Development

Our software development employees implement DMS for SMBs and enterprise systems. Our top-notch integration service changes the current apps of your organization for a personalized affair.

Multiple Factor Authentication for Safety

Lemonatics develops secure multiple factor authentication systems that need more than a single authentication method from independent classifications of credentials to check the identity of the client for a login or other transfers.


Logging and Monitoring for Audit

The systems Lemonatics offers are made to automate and simplify the regulated quality and audit procedures, allowing the management of internal or external regulatory oversights. Monitor updates of records, like the time, date and user.


User Role Based Entry

Lemonatics utilizes RBAC as a method of monitoring network entries based on the role of individual users in an organization. Our RBAC services let your employees get access rights just to the data they require to perform well on their position and it stops them from seeing information they shouldn’t.


Email Extensions for External Sharing

Lemonatics develops email plugins to help with search engine optimization, securing your email from spam mail, etc. We assist with doc management software development with email widgets, help you achieve leads, segment contacts and feed them to users.


Search Engine Tag Feature

Lemonatics utilizes optimize tags tools and search engine visibility keywords to make the top content tags you your web page in the Lemonatics’ doc management app development.


Electronic Signature Capabilities

We offer the electronic signature feature in order for your company to have another layer of security when it comes to document management platforms. The doc management service for document management software development counts in scanned hand-written signatures, biometric hand signature apps, and mouse and stylus inputs.


Customized Document Management App

The Lemonatics guidelines let you perform such marketing and sales activities on the foundation on already-set needs. In our doc management app creation, we push for automation guidelines that never stop looking for prospects that fulfill the requirements.


Open APIs For Third Party Integration

Our application programming interfaces support third party integration, letting you simplify your business procedures by being in the position to incorporate third party applications to your web page or web apps.