- Digital Signage


We create robust features for digital signage apps for pushing content to a single computer or screens shared by thousands.

Tailored Digital Signage App Services

With top industry content management systems, we develop cloud-founded e-signage apps. This allows you to showcase content with no effort and meet your target audiences.

Cloud Based Digital Signage App

HTML5 online apps and cloud-based digital signage systems are made by us to allow for smooth scalability, quick updates, and simplified remote access and management.


Digital Signage Services



Interactivity functions, such as touch screen capabilities, sensor applications, beacons, RFID, QR code, NFC, Short Message Service (SMS), and Bluetooth are included in our digital sign services.


Digital Signage Software

For interactive dynamic, static, and queuing digital signage systems, Lemonatics’ specialists create custom digital signage software solutions.


Digital Signage Solutions

Our content management of digital signage involves scheduling, automatic playback, content updates in real time, and tools for content creation.

Simplified and Robust Digital Signage

Lemonatics creates targeted ad digital signage functionality and context-awareness, like motion detection, environmental signal rules-founded setups, image capturing, and Standard Alerting Protocols assistance.

Digital Signage System Solutions

With media repositories, digital advertising networks, and 3rd party applications, we integrate digital signage system solutions.


Digital Signage Design

We create intuitive UI and UX and utilize well-known tech like Unity 3D to offer you graphics and animation services.


Digital Signage Incorporation

We also tailor and incorporate 3rd party digital signage applications from Reach Media and MediaSignage.


Digital Signage Apps

Lemonatics offers digital signage apps for multiple displays, such as elevator, LED, storefront, conference room, and wayfinding displays, data display systems, and dashboards.