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Nowadays, companies require a digital marketing solution that ensures expected functionality of a ready-to-use platform that is compatible with other corporate applications that engage archival and consumer data to designate campaigns that generate leads and boost sales. And Lemonatics has about twenty years of experience doing that.


Marketing Automation Software

We use our software engineers’ extensive knowledge of AI, BI and machine learning to design authentic marketing automation platforms. We develop interlocking marketing information databases and design tools to coordinate workflows, generate daily reports and engage outreach load and response.


Smarter Web Marketing

Our one-of-a-kind website and landing page creator modules incorporate move development tools, predesigned templates with personification, metadata templates, methodological SEO sequencers, and automated data-collection applications. We perform the following as an independent tool or as an element of broader ECMS.


Holistic Marketing Attribution

We computerize the data collection from conventional ad networks, email campaigns, social media, CRM and similar platforms before implementing algorithms designed by our data scientists to assess your marketing performance. Our systems support single and multitouch assignment models in addition to algorithmic and fractional models. It is also possible to integrate machine learning in order to assist with campaign predictions.


Customer-Centric Analytics


We can encode APIs to include your ongoing company applications and combine all your silo data, providing a complete view of your campaigns and their effectiveness. We design consolidated dashboards, simultaneous A/B test modules and KPI visualizations that are easy to share with an analysis of alternatives that guarantees a broadband view of campaign performance factors.


Social Media Marketing

We design and embed social media applications to team up with employees to create solid social campaigns. We create features that schedule posts automatically, extract relevant data, measure user interaction, warn social media marketing to responses and review brand mentions. We work closely with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms and we are aware of how flawlessly to interface our web pages with theirs.


Dynamic Email Marketing

We design powerful email marketing platforms that you can utilize to generate attractive engaging company emails with CSS and HTML, as well as with easy-to-use visual editing software. Other embedded features comprise segment-enabled communications listings, computerized response planners, activity trackers, computerized agreement /denial reactions, successive marketing planning campaigns, search form and other corollary elements.


Targeted Content Marketing

Easily work together to develop and distribute tailored content (videos, infographics, written content) implementing unified content marketing resources. We develop one-of-a-kind work process management solutions made especially for your marketing department that computerizes the preparation, development, SEO, release, marketing and following analysis of content. We can also optimize mobile marketing tools with geo-fencing software, automation of push notifications and SMS when customers reach a particular region.


Lead Management Platforms

We develop built-in CRM modules and insular solutions for generating, retaining, and converting leads throughout all channels. Lemonatics’ lead management solutions facilitate understanding of connection between sales history, communications, potential customers’ behaviour and team effort. We also incorporate elements for development and planning of community outreach in the application.


Virtual Agents and Chatbot Development

Lemonatics integrates the application of AI in the development of tailored chatbot applications. AI bot production provides the company with the ability to follow the customer’s courseline and generates live marketing information and feedback on lead conversion. The implementation of natural language encourages communication by means of telephony via voice or live bot implementation using tailored messaging applications. Due to machine learning computer programs in the shape of virtual assistants, prompt telephony computerization systems and chat bots that expands the most recent digital marketing software solutions. 

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