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Tailored Digital Asset Management App

Developing Your Ideal DAM Software

Lemonatics creates DAM software for your specific enterprise requirements, regardless if one is needed for production management, brand management system, preserving archives or funneling the digital instruments you require to the sales team.

The Lemonatics team also creates a professional client-focused MAM platform in case your firm handles mainly rich media instruments (audios, videos, images, e-books).


Cloud Digital Asset Management Apps

Lemonatics mostly provides you with cloud-settled digital asset management apps, that let you have better flexibility and easier access to your information from computers and the browsers you use, at all times.

Proprietary apps for Apple and Android are also an option for development, as well as cross-platforms with the same characteristics, and scanning options for deployment procedure and bonus modular incorporations are an option, too, when utilizing cloud digital asset management services.


Dynamic Indexing

Get a tailored digital asset management experience via indexing and cataloging resources that are set with ease.

Lemonatics offers already programmed fields of metadata that suit your business and provide means for building consistent brand customized fields that you require.

Categorizing media types, bandwidth and latency are all open for automatization by our systems in order to utilize tailored codecs while processing goes on.


CMS & DAM Services

If you are searching for digital asset management services that integrate CMS characteristics that are often connected to them?

You’re at the right place! At Lemonatics, we integrate content publication and distribution apps such as more nuanced editing options, marketing automation and social media publishing. This is all in addition to business content management system characteristics like RBAC, collaboration assets and procedure management.


Thorough Version Control

The Lemonatics business digital asset management program lets your business construct and handle various asset copies with different resolutions, color sequences, frame rates, and additional quality standards. This all depends on what your requirements are.

Our team also integrates with audit monitoring tools in order to ensure you the chance to go back to a previous version of an asset you edited and monitor who was the last person to access the asset and when did this occur.


Asset Development and Management

The Lemonatics tailored digital asset management systems operate for each asset type, like a picture, audio file, video file, graphic, models, presentations and multimedia.

We let your business have a smoother experience in converting analog aspects of your enterprise into digital ones, whether we’re talking about videos, forms, paper docs or images. An intuitive GUI is provided to your business in order for a smooth transition among encoding, optical character recognition, batch scanning, and various digitization procedures.


Asset Distribution and Monitoring

Make sure that just the parties you give approval to can share, view and edit your assets. This can be done with smart permissions.

The Lemonatics access control method is going to assist you in creating automatic release guidelines for digital properties when someone meets the previously determined criteria, like payment processing.

Our team additionally incorporates features for tracking the release and possessions of rich media via Digital Rights Management.


Intelligent Storage and Browsing

The professional database engineers at Lemonatics develop a tailored and centralized database for often-found database provides for clouds (Oracle, Microsoft Azure and similar ones). This is done to exploit or host on-premise hosting. Utilizing in-file scanning of content, clear keyword tagging and required metadata choices (for example, uploading/editing date, location origin, author/artist, ownership status and file kind), we simplify searching and retrieving assets.


Digital Asset Management Integration Solutions

Lemonatics is able to integrate, set up and tailor open-source digital asset management features from 3rd parties like Adobe, Canto, Widen, Aprimo, and Bynder, aside from creating

We can incorporate, configure and customize open-source digital asset management tools from third parties such as Adobe, Widen, Aprimo, Canto and Bynder in addition to developing custom digital asset management
servuces. The Lemonatics team is also able to set up application programming interfaces
in order to link your enterprise apps with digital asset management
systems, such as digital marketing, CRM platforms,  and financial management platforms.

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