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Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Development Services for Every Business

We prioritize providing your business with the newest tech developments, since industries from healthcare, real estate and banking started using Blockchain-founded tech. We offer customized Blockchain development services and business-grade deployment solutions for distributed leverage networks, protocolos, certified ledgers, counting in Ripple, Corda, Hyperledger, Lisk, Bitcoin, and Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Blockchain Tech Services

Lemonatics offers blockchain tech, counting in tailored cryptos, individual nodes, hash algorithms and public and private distributed leverage structures. The Consensus Protocols we offer count in PoV, PoS and PoI models, that remove dual-spending issues and the urge for outmoded 3rd parties. Lemonatics strives for decentralized online-based tech via Blockchain (BaaS) tools from Oracle, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Development of Blockchain Smart Contracts

Lemonatics programs self-executing contracts with codes in them for distributed leverage, providing decentralized online-based services for e-comm, the banking sector, property sector, supply chain and videogaming entities, as well as others. Our team codes smart contracts for registration apps for loans and intellectual properties, validation of insurance eligibility, generating letters of credit for worldwide transfers, development of DAOs, etc. Lemonatics also creates verification tools for smart contracts to make sure data integrity and performances are in place.


Blockchain Banking Services

We provide enterprise-class Blockchain solutions to banks, including cryptocurrency payment integrations. Our Blockchain banking applications and smart contracts can be used to make payments on arrival, settle securities transactions, fund foreign exchange and pass syndicated loans. Both of our tools includes Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols.


Blockchain Mining App

Our built-in distributed leverage employers program crypto mining computers made to work on general blockchain safety. Via integration of ASIC chips into mining hardware and programming dual-round hash authentication functionality, Lemonatics accelerates transfer authentication. Our team also develops mining output dashboards, constructing decentralized networks for mining pools, and offer compressive structural solutions for mining farms.


Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Apps

The distributed leverage development solutions come with blockchain wallet apps and PC exchanges, smartphone gadgets and browser applications. Lemonatics offers characteristics for exchanging various cryptos and distributed leverage tokens, self-creating public and private keys, generating web-based transfers, tackling ICO and reviewing any block’s data and hypermedia history. All of our distributed leverage app development services offer thorough authentication and encryption criteria, such as multiple signature confirmation.


Blockchain App Experience

Lemonatics offers APIs, repositories, SDKs and similar open docs from distributed leverage tech providers in order to make modular apps and wove in crypto characteristics into sites and applications. Besides constructing frequent cryptocurrency consumers, Lemonatics incorporates well-known distributed leverage exchange APIs and application developers (Neurowave, Tierion, SICCAR, Coinbase, Factom, ChromaWay).