- Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring Software

Automate the fixed tracking of your organization’s instruments for better
procedures, quicker audits and mistake-free analysis.

Asset Monitoring Software Development Solutions

Keeping an eye on your physical instruments all the time is essential to ensuring that your company runs well. We create asset monitoring software capabilities that are unique to your logistics, company requirements, staff procedures and assets so that you can minimize loss of productivity, avoid losses and maximize yields.

Fixed Asset Monitoring

Our customized asset monitoring apps provide personalized field asset directories, photo tagging, audit trail options, interactive charts, and reporting features. We are introducing new systems and incorporating asset monitoring device features into legacy business management frameworks. We have programmed systems with the most common data management systems (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL).


Mobile Asset Management Application

We develop native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform smartphone applications with GPS-driven asset tracking charts, camera scanners, and complete data usability. We are also able to incorporate customized alerts to warn users when the assets they are looking for are close or when the asset is transferred without the needed authorization.


RFID Tech Services

Lemonatics creates on-site and cloud-founded RFID monitoring tools, such as main databases, customized interfaces, integrated scanning and tag printing technology and smartphone scanning applications. Our systems perform short-and long-form RFID scanners and antennas that update instrument locations in real time.


IT Asset Monitoring

We build customized IT asset tracking apps for check-in/check-out barcode scans, single-or multiple facility RFID monitoring, and GPS tracking systems for field properties. Simply incorporated in tech properties such as hard drives, solid-state drives, laptops, smartphones and tablets, computer gadgets (camera, mouse, keyboard), servers, video equipment, etc.


GPS Asset Monitoring

Customized GPS-based asset monitoring applications can be used as individual platforms or as a portion of a smartphone field service application or a Supply Chain Management (SCM) scheme. We incorporate robust mapping and navigation tools and geo-fencing and user-founded Internet of Things system access controls.


Barcode App Services

We build customized barcode monitoring apps, such as real-time information systems, smartphone scan applications and incorporated barcode scanning software. We develop sector-focused check-in/check-out systems to monitor assets in medical environments, warehouses, policymaker entities, etc.

Automated Asset Monitoring

Monitor the location of your businesses’ assets, who holds them, and when are they scheduled to return. Asset testing helps you to delegate tasks to staff, a client, or even a seller. Testing assets gets rid of end-user liability and lets assets to be relocated within the company.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Lemonatics gives information on the total life-cycle management of your IT properties and lets you make strategic moves for your company.


Tool Monitoring

Our systems let you to improve productivity and implement standard entry processes for tools and get rid of problems connected to features management and control.


Fund Management

Maintaining conformity with the funds allocated to your company is essential. Lemonatics helps you to monitor the funds allocated and distribute them in due time.


Facility Management

Individually handling big portions of non-critical, but related compliance-check assets takes time and effort. We deal with these tasks via procedure automation apps.


Obligatory Compliance

Many state and federal legislation require that fixed assets are managed and accounted for during their lifespan. Our systems make it possible to comply strictly with all mandatory rules.


Equipment Monitoring

The cost of damaged and non-used equipment can be added up easily. The Lemonatics’ staff builds procedures that allow you to monitor all of your significant assets, rendering asset management a simpler process.