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Web Graphic Design and 3D Animation Development

Web Graphic Design and Animation Services

Our award-winning total-service design team uses immersive web graphics and 3D animation services to improve user experience. We utilize the newest technology in 3D animation and motion graphics to build realistic virtual reality simulators for videogames and other apps. Our front-end developers may improve the branding of companies, too, via attractive web design templates.

Web Animation

We build customized web designs based on user-friendliness and practicality for business landing pages, e-commerce sites, widgets, and progressive web applications (PWAs). We plan your entrepreneurship requirements and bring them to life by developing a practical digital experience. Our solutions include count in graphics, dynamic graphs, hovering elements, reaction icons, UI menus, progress bars, CTA, etc.


Motion Graphics Design

Our professional front-end software developers and web designers utilize motion graphics to let consumers to try out their products and services over the web. They do the job by incorporating state-of-the-art tech, such as Adobe Creative Suite, storyboarding and illustration, to make the firm’s desired branded experience.

Thorough Web Design Services


CRO Design

We create web apps and landing pages that are designed for conversions. The e-commerce web design and creation we provide seize real-time interactions. We develop business information platforms with the chance to track and review the actions of the client. We configure websites and apps with funnel design instruments. We introduce popups for exiting via Magento 2 and speed up the conversion procedurewith Python user interface plugins. Our front end conversion rate optimization methods are intended to obtain clicks, collect information and convert shopping carts.


User Interface (UI/UX) Design

Lemonatics fine-tunes the URLs in place, as well as mobile applications (cross-platform, iOS and Android) to suit any freshly identified market options. There are a range of user experience design options to pick from, like buttons, chatting fields, chat robots, alerts, counters, dashboards, forms, charts, menus, image galleries, search fields, calendars, etc. We are specialized in animated features such as implementing touch screen and smartphone touch sliders for a smooth user experience via Qt UI or Adobe solutions.

Creative 3D Animation Development

Focusing on conversion rate optimization, we can create impressive 3D animations. We seize real-time interactions and offer live data analysis with animation to enhance UX and bring up the return on investment.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development Solutions

Interactive videos need a lot of experience and creativity. Our employers are clever and budding with creativity in marker-focused and marker-less AR. Using VRML and ARML, our virtual reality and augmented reality animators can use Maya, Unreal Engine or Autodesk Forge to a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) to put someone in a virtual venue. Be it developing AR for smart glasses or virtual reality goggles, the motion designers we employ can create realistic simulation for wearable tech.


Gamification Services

We use a range of strategies to gamify an application as to connect to users on all platforms in an approachable way. It’s the best way to gain, reward, inspire, and maintain customer trust. The Lemonatics creative team will render your idea reality via  smartphone applications, desktop, browser-founded videogames and console videogames. Our developers utilize 3Ds Max, Motionbuilder, and Blender to make 3D character animation and landscapes. Let’s shape, rig, and render your game-based idea.