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Revolutionary AI Software Development Services

More than anything on demand is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is used by various companies including law enforcement, healthcare and hospitality industries. Contact Lemonatics to speak about our AI software development options and start the optimization of your business automation activities already now.


Business Intelligence and AI Software Development

At Lemonatics we implement predictive AI computer programs in order to advance host business intelligence (BI) programming solutions like customer segmentation, predictive instruments, software assessment, logistics planning and marketing activities. Embedded into our AI Programming Development, we ensure solutions and analytics. Facilitate KPI dashboards that are managed by customers for forecasts, comparisons and visualizations.


Machine Learning Solutions

We develop and integrate machine learning, deep learning and artificial network solutions for your existing IT infrastructure. Incorporate recognition devices for information trends and computerize most important technical processes. At Lemonatics we embed machine learning software into AI software development in such fields as cybersecurity, finance, banking, healthcare and marketing automation.


Natural Language Processing

Our programming solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP) are developed to generate crucial insights to semi-structured and unstructured materials that include questionnaires, researched web information, sources of business information and audio sources. Business Intelligence and analytic instruments, digital customer service representatives and chatbots, fraud prevention management systems and other solutions designed with NLP computer programs.


Robotic Process Automation

We embed features for robotic process automation (RPA) into already existing ERPs in order to computerize standard processes within every sphere and design new software for bureaucratic work. Embedded elements for AI program development guarantee compliance operation with methods for change management. For sole platforms and complex infrastructures our RPA services are appropriate.


Intelligent Document Recognition

Programming solutions for Custom Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) are developed to designate information and take out metadata by default from a range of types of documents. These documents include tax forms, invoices, medical records, applications and more. For multi-way input systems, like company data repositories, our IDRs can be used as well.


AI Security Solutions

Our software developers work with biometric, biographic and contextual correspondence capabilities that ensure AI-powered security solutions. In addition AI-automated security processes come with threat analysis, situational assessments and object detection.